About Us

From here a college was established called: “The Syrian Center for Refugee Assistance”, whose name expresses its function, which is to help Syrian refugees. The Syrian refugee does not know that he is running away from a life full of injustice, war and murder, to a life full of problems, obstacles and difficulties of living, so we put hand in hand to reduce them .

Among the most prominent points that the center seeks to secure for all Syrian refugees in various countries, which in turn ensure a better life for them are:

  1.  Legal file
  2. Humanitarian Corridors File
  3. Education fil
  4. Livelihood support
  5. Explain the principles of good government

How Could You Help


Legal file

A person has no value if he does not have what he can legally represent before the authorities or to whomever proves his nationality, color and ethnicity …. Because of the concept of legal representation, as it is one of the very important files that include the rights of the Syrian refugee, as the problem of official papers that the Syrian citizen needs has worsened. In Lebanon, for example, I reached 40,000 unregistered children, so we took upon ourselves the responsibility to find a legal and free solution for the Syrian citizen and to represent him legally before the competent authorities in the host countries and to extract the official documents he needs such as birth certificates, marriage and divorce … etc.


Humanitarian Corridors File

Many Syrian refugees cannot return to the homeland due to the continuing conflict and war, and therefore the Syrian refugee community is striving to search for a better and stable life because of the incurable and security cases and cases of arbitrary deportation … etc. This need has led to their exploitation from those with weak souls who have traded the case. The Syrian government has used fraudulent and fraudulent methods to persuade the Syrian refugee to travel to a third country. Hence, and from our constant keenness not to subject the Syrian refugee to any unwanted method, our center worked to provide correct and completely free legal aid for their travel to a third country that guarantees the rights of the Syrian refugee and preserves his dignity, through the UNHCR and the churches or countries that support our center in obtaining On durable solutions for the Syrian citizen


Education File

Because education is a fundamental right of every child, and its importance is incalculable in the progress and development of countries and building their future, and given the problems and difficulties that the child suffers from in all educational stages (primary, preparatory, secondary, and university), which in turn constitute a stumbling block in the course of the educational process such as documents Official, material costs, or political opinions.

From here, the Syrian Center for Refugee Assistance shed light on this thorny and extremely important issue, as our center will work to support the Syrian student financially and morally to complete his educational career.


Livelihood support

How ugly poverty and how beautiful the poor are, help them to end the ugliness of their poverty and increase their beauty. From this principle and in view of the poverty, hunger and deprivation the Syrian families suffer from, they wait for those who offer them a loaf of bread. The Syrian Center seeks to support the Syrian citizen who is economically refugees, as it will support small and medium-sized enterprises that make Syrian families financially independent and productive families that do not expect aid from any party concerned with the Syrian issue, which in turn reflects positively on all members of the Syrian refugee community and reduces problems Many families … In addition to opening projects for the Syrian Center, it attracts skilled manpower, which benefits both parties.


Explanation of the principles of good government

Right and duty are two sides of the same coin, so the citizen has rights but also duties. And because we believe in the right of society to know its rights and duties to bring it to the highest stages of progress and development, we have worked to raise the awareness and awareness of the Syrian community in many matters, and that the refugee community is an integral part of the host societies. Therefore, we will conduct various workshops that serve refugee communities on many issues. Raising the level of community awareness … (We are working to raise awareness in our society by shedding light on problems and the way to solve them and good governance that, by understanding and applying it, we get a healthy society capable of building itself and making critical decisions such as elections, freedom of expression, climate change and environmental problems)